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Quality work by committed professionals.

We provide a full range of auto services you can trust, from specialist racing and restoration through to true value general car servicing.

Experience our transparent, friendly, and value-for-money Tilley Service today. Contact us on (02) 9938 6293.

Brad Tilley Auto Garage is family operated, with over 60 years in the auto business. We can undertake all mechanical repairs and restoration, as well as classic car specialising.

We have chassis and engine dyno facilities and extensive knowledge in tuning Holley, Weber and SU carburettors.

We build and re-condition all engines, from standard to all performance levels.

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Quality work by committed professionals

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All makes and models – log book and scheduled servicing. Experience true value with Brad Tilley Auto Garage.


As car racers ourselves we have complete understanding of what it takes to make and maintain a race car. We listen to your individual requirements so that come race day you are ready to win.


Brad Tilley Auto can take your classic car and bring it back to a condition that is better than when it first rolled off the production line.


Get the most out of your motor by having it worked on by Brad Tilley and his professionals, who use modern dyno equipment to test, analyse and identify issues.  They then set the motor so that it operates at peak performance.